Russian AK-47

Law Enforcement only firearms

Outback Arms has a great selection of Law Enforcement Only Firearms for sale at a discounted price.

Law Enforcement Only Firearms:

  • Glock’s:
  • Glock         G26         9mm
  • Glock     19 Gen4    9mm
  • Glock     G29SF       10mm
  • Glock     G30 Gen4     45ACP
  • Glock     G20SF       10mm
  • Glock         G20         10mm
  • Glock           22          40S&W                                                                               Green handle black barrel
  • Glock     27 Gen4   40S&W                                                                               compact
  • Glock         G41          45ACP
  • Glock     G22 GEN4    40S&W
  • Glock         26 Gen4     9mm
  • Glock             G35         40cal
  • Glock              36          45ACP
  • Glock         30s FS      45ACP
  • Glock            G21        45ACP
  • H&K’s:
  • H&K       P30s       9mm
  • H&K       P30s      40cal
  • Smith and Wesson:
  • S&W       M&P40       40cal
  • S&W       M&P9c        9mm

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